Fluoride Treatment

Acids, a byproduct from bacteria, break down enamel, but fluoride helps the remineralization process and strengthen the enamel.

Fluoride treatment has been an essential part of preventative dental treatment for decades.  Because fluoride enhances the remineralization process, it strengthens tooth enamel and can even reverse minor decay.  Fluoride treatment from the dentist has a much higher amount of fluoride than the amount in water, toothpaste or mouthwash.

Fluoride treatment is safe and is recommended as a preventative procedure for most patients, including adults. Those with a history of cavities and at high risk for dental decay may benefit the most.

Fluoride treatment is a simple procedure. A disposable tray is filled with a fluoride solution, and patients simple bite into the tray, exposing the teeth to the solution. The procedure takes just a few minutes. Patients who have had treatment may be instructed not to eat or drink for up to 30 minutes after the procedure.

Studies have shown that children who have had fluoride treatment are less likely to develop tooth decay and cavities.

Dr. Wolfe is energetic, cheerful, and seems to be extremely competent (I’m not a dentist, so this is obviously just my impression). She answers questions very well, and is careful in her judgments about needed treatments. Many shady dentists will try to “sell” extra procedures, but Dr. Wolfe takes a more conservative approach, which makes me confident that if/when she recommends more involved work, it will be because I actually need it. Highly recommended!

Rob M.


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