Benefits of Fluoride

February 5, 2020

Some people do not believe in using fluoride. And when my patients asked me about that, what I tell them is the benefits outweigh the risks. I’m not going to prescribe it to them unless I see that there’s a real need and that it’s going to benefit them and make them healthier, not sicker.

I’ve looked through all the studies to try and figure out if fluoride is bad for you. And there are no conclusive studies that show that it causes any problems. The American Cancer Society has said that it doesn’t cause cancer, so I feel very comfortable prescribing it.

The way fluoride works is that fluoride flows into those lattice work of enamel and hardens it. Fluoride essentially helps with the remineralization process and creates a harder enamel. Furthermore, it lowers the PH yielding a less acidic environment and making the teeth less susceptible to cavities.


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