Nutrition and Tooth Decay

February 5, 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Water are Culprits for Sudden Onset Tooth Decay

I’ve been seeing a lot of people lately who have had a healthy smile their entire life and then, out of the blue, have a mouthful of cavities. I asked them what’s changed, and come find that it’s usually their diet.

What I’m seeing a lot lately are patients who drink apple cider vinegar every day, which is great for your gut health. But, apple cider vinegar is acidic, and it wears away enamel. Lemon water is also increasing in popularity, and like apple cider vinegar is acidic.  Both are often a cause for sudden onset tooth decay.

Taking radiographs at a regular frequency helps detect if there are sudden changes to the health of your teeth that may be due to dietary causes.  I recommend x-rays yearly, even if one’s risk for caries is low, because patients may not realize that small changes in their diet can quickly effect their teeth.

I recognize the health effects of certain dietary foods and beverages.  These are not unhealthy habits.  However, patients that rinse with water afterwards can greatly reduce the risk of decay. So, drink your lemon water, but then rinse afterwards. Take your shot of apple cider vinegar, but rinse afterwards.


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