TMJ Treatment with Botox

Botox to Treat TMJ

This young lady came in to see us. Her concern was that she was clenching her teeth so much that she was breaking teeth at night.

Janice [Patient] “I’ll wake up and I’ll have a really bad headache. And then I’ve also noticed, the chipping on my teeth is a lot worse off. Sometimes I’ll hear the jaw clicking a lot more. I think that’s when I’m definitely biting my jaw a lot harder. “

So she’s about to have her orthographic surgery, and her surgeon doesn’t want to do it until she’s not clenching anymore. So, she’s clearly not a candidate for a night guard. Because she’s in the braces, her teeth are moving, her jaw is moving. So what we’re gonna do for her is Botox

What we do first is map it out.  I do 50 units and do 25 on one side and 25 on the other, each a 5 unit injection.

This will probably last you three to four months. Everybody is different on younger people attempts to last a little longer

Why don’t you tell us how it felt?

[Patient] “You know, there’s just like a little pinch and then the feeling goes away. I mean, it’s so quick, such a fast process.”


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