Meet our Hygienists

The dental hygiene team at Brooklyn Dental Studio is an essential part of our practice. Registered dental hygienists, Adonna Lewis and Olga Tolokonikova, work with patients to prevent tooth decay, help diagnose oral conditions, and keep your smile looking young and radiant. Adonna and Olga also teach patients about the important connection between oral health and overall health.  Not only do our hygienists seek to achieve healthy smiles, but they also work to insure our patients lead healthy lives.

Our hygiene team has made some videos that help explain nutrition and oral health as well as obtaining a younger, brighter smile with teeth whitening. Our team is always available to answer questions about dental hygiene techniques, oral health, and cosmetic advancements in dentistry.

Adonna Lewis, RDH
Nutrition and Oral Health

Deep Bleaching Teeth Whitening Protocol
Olga Tolokonikova, RDH